Ryan Blazei, Ph.D.

Dr. Ryan Blazei is a licensed psychologist with advanced training in assessment and therapy for adults. In addition to general counseling of depression, anxiety, stress management, anger management, and relationship issues, she specializes in women’s health issues, including infertility, pregnancy loss, postpartum mood disorders, and high risk pregnancy. Dr. Blazei also provides comprehensive psychosocial evaluations of gestational carriers, egg donors, sperm donors, and (as needed) egg/sperm recipients in known donor (friend/family) arrangements. She also offers psycho-educational consults for individuals and couples who are planning to pursue parenthood via embryo donation, gestational surrogacy, or egg or sperm donation. She provides a warm, supportive, and accepting environment in therapy and makes use of cognitive-behavioral and mind/body techniques to help clients.

Please contact Dr. Blazei to see what insurance panels she is currently contract with or contact your insurance company for information about coverage of Dr. Blazei’s services.

For more information, please visit: www.RyanWBlazeiPhD.com

Education and Training

  • B.A. in Psychology and Pre-Professional Studies, The University of Notre Dame (2001)
  • M.A. in Clinical Psychology, The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2004)
  • Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2007)
  • Pre-Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology, Durham VA Medical Center (2007)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recover, Durham VA Medical Center (2008)

Dr. Ryan Blazei has pursued advanced training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Infertility Counseling, and mental health aspects of third-party reproduction.